Spartanburg Jaycees Christmas Parade

"A Festival of Lights"

Parade Float Rentals

Category A – Professional Floats

See application to see costs & details. Click Here to Register. 

*** Registration is closed as of 11/30/2016 ***

These beautifully decorated floats are available for rental through the Jaycees. Its simple, all you have to do when renting these floats is board at the staging area and disembark at the de-staging area!  All floats pictured come as you see them with a driver.  At your option, either you (self lighted) or the Jaycees (lighted) can light the float.  Additional decorations can be added at the sponsors options with advanced approval.  Each float has its sponsor’s name on the each side.  A maximum of two sponsors per float is permitted.  Depending on the float and decorations 10 to 20 passengers may ride the float.  

Join in the celebration!!

Floats selections are not guaranteed until confirmed by the Spartanburg Jaycees in writing.

Float #1 -  Available

Float #3  -  Reserved

Float #4  -  Reserved

Float #5  -  Available

Float #8  -  Reserved

Float #11  -  Available 

 Float #12  -  Available

 Float #15  -  Reserved

 Float #18  -  Reserved

Float #20  -  Available 

 Float #21  -  Available

Float #33 - Reserved
Float #35  -  Reserved

Float #38  -  Available

 Float #39  -  Reserved

 Float #40  -  Reserved

 Float #41  -  Available

 Float #31  -  Sorry! Reserved for Santa!