Spartanburg Jaycees Christmas Parade:

???  Frequently Asked Questions ???

How do I enter the parade?

All entrants must complete a Parade Application and other forms to be considered for entry into the parade.  The Parade Committee is responsible for accepting applications.    

Does my entry have to be decorated and lit?

The Jaycees take great pride in the fact that Spartanburg's parade is the benchmark of night time Christmas Parades in the upstate.  Showing your creativity is a way for your entry to stand out and impress the thousands of spectators that line the streets to be awed and celebrate the season. As such, entrants are required to light and decorate their entries accordingly.  Refer to the Rules and Regulations section of the Parade Application  for details.

What time does the parade start?

The parade begins at the corner of Henry and Pine Street at 6:30PM.  Spectators begin to line the streets early, so make sure you allow plenty of time to claim your prime viewing location. View the parade route here.

What time do I have to be there if I/we are in the parade?

Parade entrants start lining up at the staging area at 4:30PM and need to be in place by 5:45PM.  Entrants need to determine how much time you need to set up your entry and be ready to start by 6:30PM.  The Jaycees would hate for you not be ready on time and miss the parade.

What is this year's parade route?

Please refer to the Route and Street Closing page for details, however, changes may occur.  If they do, we will try to communicate those as soon as possible.

What if it rains?

The parade is scheduled to run, rain, snow (we hope!) or shine.  The Spartanburg Jaycees and Spartanburg Public Safety watch weather conditions closely as Parade Day approaches.  Any cancellation will be communicated via our website, voicemail and in as much as possible, through the local media.  Parade entrants should refer to the Parade's Application and Rules and Regulations for more details.

Why isn't there a rain date?

Spartanburg, as well as Charlotte NC, Greenville SC, and many other local parades have a rain or shine policy. These policies are a result of the tremendous amount of organization and coordination required to make the parade happen.  Expecting High School Bands (students, families, and school staff), parade entrants (employees, volunteers, and all those scheduled to ride on the various floats), vendors, service providers, and parade volunteers to  schedule a rain date is very problematic as well as unlikely to succeed, especially considering all the time commitments people have during the Holiday Season.

How much does it cost to be in the parade?

For detailed information on costs, please see the Parade Application.  Costs vary depending on whether your group is considered a commercial entry or a Not-For-Profit entry.  Not-for-Profit entries are generally those groups or organizations recognized by the IRS as a 501c or similar organization, such as churches, schools, civic and charitable organizations.

Entrants wishing to rent a float through the Jaycees have various options.  These are Category A entries.

If you are entering your own float, a walking group, vehicle, or other approved entry your group is a Category B entry.  The Jaycees encourage groups and organizations to be creative and unique while keeping to a Christmas theme and always remembering that this is a family event.  The Spartanburg parade has had some very creatively decorated and lit self-built floats in the parade in recent years that have been real crowd pleasers.

I just want my group to walk, or I'd like to drive my own vehicle. How much would that cost?

If you would like to enter your own vehicle or walk in the parade your entrant type will be a Category B entry.  Please refer to the Parade Application for details.

Where is the best place to park and watch the parade?

To be honest, the Jaycees are usually so busy planning the parade we’re not often spectators ourselves.  Spectators arrive early to claim their spots, so that would probably be your best bet.  You can park at the Kennedy, Dunbar, or Magnolia Street garages downtown.  Please refer to Route and Street Closing for details. 

Where should I drop off parade participants who are riding in the parade?

The staging area for the parade is on E. Henry Street between Pine Street and Union Street. Staging of floats and entries begin at 4:30PM.  Specific entry locations are sent to your entry's contact person ahead of time.  Please coordinate with that person for specific drop off procedures.  Only vehicles actually in the parade are allowed in certain sections of the Staging Area.  Jaycees are on hand the day of the parade to assist entrants find their location in the staging area.  See Route and Street Closing for more details.

Where do I pick up parade participants after the parade?

The parade de-staging area is on E. Daniel Morgan Street near the Marriott.  You should check with your entry's contact person to make proper arrangements.  See Route and Street Closing for more details.

Do we have to rent a generator from you?

The Jaycees make generators available for Category A entries only.  Those getting self-lighted Category A floats through the Jaycees can provide their own generator or obtain one through the Jaycees. If the Jaycees are lighting your Category A float the cost of the generator is included in your total cost.