2014 Spartanburg Christmas Parade

Rules and Regulations

The Spartanburg Christmas Parade is a family celebration designed to celebrate the Christmas Season in our community.  The appearance of the entries in the parade is of the utmost importance.  These rules and regulations have been established to ensure that our Yule time Celebration runs safely and smoothly.  Please read carefully as there are updated rules and regulations.  Please note, you must sign the acknowledgement on the application form that you have read the updated rules and regulations.

You are responsible for reviewing these rules and regulations with everyone in your group.  The Parade Committee and / or Spartanburg Public Safety Department will have final authority over all entries.  Violations may subject your entry to removal from the parade and will affect future eligibility.

Parade Float and Entry Requirements



·   Floats can be lit with standard Christmas Lights, stapled to the deck of the float using a staple gun.  You may also hang/wrap lights around float decorations.  Caution should be used and it is recommended that you have a small step ladder.  

·    Generators are required to power lights on the floats. The float driver will assist you with the best placement of the generator. Generator should be sufficient in strength to power all the lights on the float.

·    AC/DC Power Inverters can not be used on floats provided by the Jaycees..

·    Outdoor Christmas Lights with straight-line construction are required.

·    Children working on decorations must be supervised by an adult.

·    Entrants are responsible for removing their lights after the parade at the De-staging area.



In order to maintain a festive and cheerful environment for the Spartanburg Christmas Parade, entries should:

·    Dress appropriately for the weather.

·    Dress in a coordinated theme. Colors coordinated with your float colors are highly recommended.

·    Dress should be as uniform as possible.

·    Dress should be appropriate for all ages and may not contain any offensive material.

·    No person may dress as Santa Clause.


·    Signs and banners must be of professional quality.

·    Any sign or banner, other than that identifying your entry (company or organization name), must be approved in advance by the Parade Committee.

·   Any sign that advertises or displays the name of a company or group that is not the same as the name on the application will be treated  as a separate entry and will be  billed accordingly.


·    The Spartanburg Jaycees strongly encourage all entries to play music.

·    Music must be Christmas music and appropriate for all ages.

·   Except Entrants renting floats with sound systems through the Jaycees, Entrants are responsible for supplying their own sound system and power.


1.    The parade will be limited to 100 entries.

2.    A deposit of $100 is required to reserve Category A professional floats.

3.    All applications must be submitted by November 15, 2014.

4.    All fees must be paid in full by December 1, 2014.

5.   By completing and returning the application, you affirm that you have read and understand the Rules & Regulations and the Waiver    contained in this packet and that  your company/organization agrees to abide by them.

6.    Positions are assigned to ensure the best parade experience for entrants and spectators. Special requests will be considered but are not  guaranteed.

7.    Any entry arriving after 5:45pm on the day of the parade cannot be guaranteed a position.

8.    Parade organizers and/or sponsors assume no liability for any property damage or personal injuries.

9.    The Parade Committee has final authority over the acceptability of all entries and the position of all entries in the parade line up.

10.   Law enforcement officials and Parade Marshals will direct the flow of the parade. Allow for at least 50 feet between each entry.

11.   In order to avoid large gaps in the parade, STOPPING FOR PERFORMANCE OR DEMONSTRATION WILL NOT BE ALLOWED unless             preauthorized.  Only Bands and other  authorized performing groups may stop for performance at designated locations.  The Parade       Committee will advise authorized groups accordingly.

12.   For the safety of our children, THROWING OF ITEMS FROM ENTRIES (CANDY, BEADS, ETC.) IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.            Please  make an effort to make sure no child  runs into the street because of the possible danger!


14.   Picking up passengers while the parade is underway is prohibited. Entrants may not get on or off of a vehicle while the parade is             enroute.

15.   An adult must accompany any child under four (4) years of age.  Children under the age of eight (8) may not stand on any moving         entry. Children over the age of eight (8) may stand only with the aid of a standing bar.

16.   Absolutely NO entry may display a Santa Clause or any image of a Santa Clause.


1.    All vehicles must be decorated with a Seasonal theme and lit. Except for floats being lit by the Jaycees, lighting is the                  responsibility of the entrant. The Parade Committee reserves the right to remove any entry that does not meet this requirement.  If in  doubt as to whether or not your entry conforms to these requirements, please contact the Parade Committee. No refunds will be given  for entries that fail to meet these requirements. The only exceptions to this rule are vehicles specifically exempted by the Parade  Committee.

2.   Vehicles will not be allowed to display any campaigning or advertising material that has not been approved, in advance, by the Parade  Committee. Most entries will wish to recognize a commercial or corporate sponsor and this is acceptable as long as the display conforms  to the spirit of the parade.

3.   The Jaycees may approve campaigning as long as the vehicle conforms to all other requirements of these and all other Rules and      Regulations of the parade.  Special  rates may apply, please contact the Spartanburg Jaycees for details.

4.   Due to liability concerns and in an effort to conform the entries to a Christmas theme, motorcycles, motor coaches, busses, Semi      Tractors, and similar entries are NOT  allowed.

5.   All entries must be approved by the Parade Committee and must match the description on the Entrants application.  Antique Car Clubs  are allowed by invitation from  the Parade Committee only.

6.   All drivers must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and must have a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.

7.   All vehicles must be operated in a safe and responsible manner.  All vehicles must adhere to all applicable safe vehicle operations and  will be subject to citation for  unlawful and unsafe acts.

8.   Only one vehicle per entry, no exceptions.

9.    Floats / vehicles will be constructed in dimensions that do not interfere with traffic control devices, roadway lighting, private property, or        in any other manner deemed unsafe by Special Event officer. Total height of vehicles/ floats, displays and participants may not exceed          12 feet in height.

10. Each float must be equipped with an operable fire extinguisher. Fueled generators must be placed in open area in tow vehicle or  positioned in an open area on float  clear of combustible materials.


1.   Groups should stay together in your assigned line up position.

2.    Each group should be in uniform or costume and maintain a banner or sign recognizing your group.

3.    Children must be at least twelve (12) years of age to walk or march in the parade.

4.    No group shall stop or otherwise slow the parade procession.


1.   The Spartanburg Jaycees may hold the parade in inclement whether.  There is no rain date scheduled.  Refunds for a rainout or other  cancellation of the parade caused by forces beyond the control of the Spartanburg Jaycees will be at the discretion of the Spartanburg  Jaycees.

2.    No Refunds for cancellations or withdrawals from the parade by entrants after December 1, 2014.



P.O. BOX 1547, SPARTANBURG, SC 29304


Email: Parade@spartanburgjaycees.net